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I’ve created this site to help people like me and you to build stronger and bigger muscles in the fastest time possible without the use of any anabolic steroids.

Let’s face it, you probably don’t have time to workout 3 or 4 hours everyday.

I don’t either.
Both of us have probably asked ourselves the question:
How do I build muscle fast ?

Well, the good news is that thanks to discoveries in sports physiology, there are a few proven secrets or shortcuts to building muscle fast.

Most of us can agree that building muscle is hard work, even extremely difficult at times. Maybe you’re new to lifting, or maybe you’ve been lifting for years without seeing any major improvements. You might even say that you’ve hit a wall.

My goal is to help you break through that wall and see the results you’ve been wishing for without wasting your precious time.

Fear not! These shortcuts are much faster than the traditional methods. In the old days there were no shortcuts. Muscle building was kinda like the wild west, uncharted territory, an unknown world.

Traditional bodybuilders used to work out their entire bodies for 3 to 4 hours everyday! (And we thought we had it tough!)
They would workout day after day with no rest or recovery days in between workouts. Maybe they would take just one day off the entire week!

Other athletes were even afraid of weight training.
They were told that lifting weights would cause them to be muscle bound and inflexible.

For one reason or another, a few brave (or hard-headed) athletes began to try out weight training for themselves. To their surprise, they found that training with weights actually made them stronger and more flexible. Myth Busted!

Gradually, other athletes took note. These athletes and their trainers began to incorporate weight training into their programs. And what do you know…it started to catch on. Football, basketball, baseball, and even track athletes  were seeing great results in their performance do to pumping iron.

Through out this time, those traditional bodybuilders were also making improvements. They had years of experience along with many trials and errors which helped them to discover what worked and what was just a waste of time.

Bodybuilders developed more efficient exercise routines and strategies.
In a nutshell, they cut their gym time in half with better results.
Routines and exercises were evaluated and improved for faster muscle building results. Which leads us back to our original question…

How Do I Build Muscle Fast – Tip #1

Rest, Recover, Rebuild
One of the biggest breakthrough discoveries occurred when bodybuilders realized that working out less is actually better. Specifically, they found out that when the muscle has time to rest and recover at least 48 hours, the muscle tends to grow bigger and stronger than if you worked it everyday with no rest.

By working out the same muscle group everyday, they were continually breaking down their muscle fibers and never giving them the adequate time to recover and rebuild. Therefore, they were not seeing the results that they desired. Their workouts resulted in little or no progress.

Today’s bodybuilders now realize that they should work only 1 muscle group to failure 1 day a week.

How Do I Build Muscle Fast – Tip #2

The Lifting G-Spot
Working out to muscle failure is another secret to building muscle quicker. Although many people have heard of this concept, few people train in this way. As you walk around your local gym, you will notice that most people simply lift until they feel a little discomfort or start to get tired, then they rack the wait. They never hit that point of physical failure and are therefore missing the “Lifting G-spot” the point which will cause the greatest gains in size and strength.

What does it mean to workout to failure? Arthur Jones (founder of Nautilus Training Equipment) described working out hard or to failure as something like this:
“Have you ever vomited from one set of barbell curls, if not, then you don’t know what outright hard work is.”
(He actually didn’t recommend training till you vomit, he was just trying to make a point that if you were lifting a weight 10 times, on the 10th time or final repetition, your muscle should be shaking and so exhausted that it totally fails and you almost become sick because you worked your muscle to the point of failure.)

One of my other favorite quotes about training to failure comes from Timothy Feriss, author of The 4-Hour Body:
“Failure is pushing as if you had a gun to your head.”

How Do I Build Muscle Fast – Tip #3

Less is More
In regards to muscle building, few people believe or even realize that training less is actually better. However, did you know that if you train to exhaustion or failure, it is in fact possible to achieve better results from a single set which takes less than 2 minutes versus doing a total of 9 sets which could take a half hour or more. This method of training is very effective and efficient. It is known as H.I.T. (High Intensity Training).

Training to failure helps us to focus on one muscle group at a time to achieve optimal results which catapults muscle growth and strength while saving you huge chunks of time. Therefore, you inevitably build muscle faster.

Another benefit is that you no longer have full-body muscle soreness everyday of the week. While you’re targeting on one muscle group, the other group is recovering and growing stronger and bigger.

How Do I Build Muscle Fast – Tip #4

Protein Power
Along with the discovery of working one muscle group to exhaustion once a week, there was also another huge discovery. This discovery involved using protein to rebuild muscle. Previously, old school bodybuilders believed that protein could be used to add new muscle to existing muscle. But now we know that protein is used to rebuild the exhausted muscle after a ‘go to failure’ workout.

It’s like pruning a tree. You damage the tree initially by trimming its branches, but the tree responds to this pruning damage by growing more branches that are even thicker than before. Same thing with working out your muscles to the point of failure. You damage your muscle by working out to failure, but your body responds to this muscular damage by growing larger muscles that have denser muscle fibers than before.

How Do I Build Muscle Fast – Tip #5

Feed Your Muscles
Originally, diet and nutrition wasn’t a huge focus. However, over the years, scientists and nutritionists have discovered how crucial diet and nutrition factor in to muscle building.

If you have bad eating habits, it doesn’t matter how much you workout. You’ll never see your true potential or the great results that you desire. It is said that bodybuilding is 80% diet. This number is debatable, and I can’t honestly say whether it’s entirely accurate, but most bodybuilders will agree from personal experience that diet accounts for more than half of your bodybuilding results.

How Do I Build Muscle Fast – Tip #6

Meal Plans To Gain Muscle
Here are some basic diet guidelines for optimal bodybuilding results:
• 25% of calories should come from animal protein and vegetable protein
• Try to eat veggies which contain protein
• Eat complex carbohydrates. (whole grains, whole grain bread, cut oats, brown rice)
• Avoid simple carbs like the plague! (white rice, white pasta, flour, white bread and mostly carbs that are white)
• Avoid refined sugar, starches, alcohol and caffeine.

How Do I Build Muscle Fast – Tip #7

How much protein do I need?
To really build muscle fast you must get enough protein.
The United States Recommended Daily Allowance is 0.8g/kg or 0.4g/lbs.
Basically, you need 80g of protein per day if you weigh 200 lbs.
However, this recommendation is for average people who are not weight trainers.

For us weight trainers, we need a minimum of 1g of protein per pound of body weight a day.
Basically, you need 200g daily if you weigh 200 lbs.
or 100g daily if you weigh 100 lbs.

It is possible to eat enough natural foods to achieve this 1g of protein per pound, however, it can become exhausting and expensive to consume this much protein on a daily basis. Plus, after a while, even the strongest-willed of us tend to get sick of cans of tuna and dozens of hard-boiled eggs. There is an easy solution though which enables you to pack on a huge amount of pure protein with very little effort.
That is by drinking protein shakes. I actually find most of them to be really delicious. Just be careful that the protein doesn’t contain extra sugars or artificial garbage.

The main sources of naturally found protein are:
• Meat: beef, pork, chicken, lamb, etc.
• Organ Meats (these are loaded with quality protein): liver, chicken gizzards, hearts,etc.
• Fish
• Eggs
• Dairy: milk, cheese, cottage cheese, plain yogurt, whey
• Nuts and Legumes

Additional protein boosters include kelp tablets and wheat germ oil. You can add the wheat germ oil to your diet in order to help your body metabolize protein and give you added endurance. This is optional though and something to think about later.

In conclusion, the once difficult old school way to build muscle has been analyzed and improved over the years. We can now workout smarter instead of longer by using the above mentioned discoveries to short cut the process to build muscle faster and bigger.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this article entitled: How Do I Build Muscle Fast.
Please add your comments below. I’d love to share ideas with you and hear what you have to say!


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