How To Convert Fat To Muscle

Convert Fat To Muscle Myth
Just to be totally clear, you cannot convert fat to muscle on a cellular level. They are two completely different types of body tissue and cannot morph from one to the other.

What we can learn about in this article entitled: ” How To Convert Fat To Muscle ” is how to convert or transform your body composition of a lot of fat and little muscle to a body with little fat and a lot of muscle. So as I use the term ‘convert fat to muscle’ you will understand that I am referring to changing your overall body composition from a fat body into a more muscular body. I am not talking about transforming your fat tissue into muscle tissue or using magic to turn fat into muscle.

Now that we have that cleared up, let’s move forward.

Convert Fat to Muscle = Lose Fat and Gain Muscle
While every bodybuilder and amateur weightlifter has a general idea of how to build muscle, very few actually know the science behind the combination of building muscle and losing fat. If you ask most people how to build muscle fast, they will say to lift weights and increase the amount of weight during each workout. If you ask them how to lose fat, they might say to go on a diet. While both of these answers can be true, there’s a bit more science behind converting fat to muscle.

Building Muscle and Losing Fat Doesn’t Have To Be Separate Goals
Most people view building muscle and losing fat as two totally separate goals. However, in reality they can actually be used together to speed up the process and effectiveness of getting a lean muscular body faster.

How To Lose Body Fat

For example if I ask the regular gym-goer about advice on how to lose body fat, he will tell me to reduce my calories and do more cardio.

How To Build Muscle

If I ask the same guy about how to build muscle, he will tell me to eat a lot of protein and calories and to lift more.

I’ll admit, these two examples seem like totally different goals with totally different methods to accomplish them and that is how most people treat them – separately. This is the exact reason why so many people have problems achieving the body of their dreams. They are trying to do one thing or the other but not both together. They adjust their workout to either get big or get skinny. But in reality, that is not what most people want.

Most people don’t want to have a huge bodybuilder’s physique. On the other hand, most people don’t want to have a super skinny body with no muscles. They typically want a body that is somewhere in between. Their real goal is to have a somewhat muscular body that is toned and lean with little fat.

So if we want a combination of muscular and lean, then why do we usually train towards one end of the fitness spectrum or the other? We need to change the way that we workout in order to incorporate both ideas to reach our fitness goals.

The Absolute Best Way To Lose Body Fat
I’ll let you in on a little secret about losing body fat. If you asked someone who was really educated on the subject of converting fat to muscle, they would tell you that cardio is not the best way to reduce fat. It’s not even close to the best way. Also, going on a reduced diet is not the best way to reduce fat either. The most effective, natural, and fastest way to lose fat is to gain muscle through weight training.

It is a fact that muscle burns more energy than fat. To be specific, muscle burns three times the amount of calories as compared to the same amount of fat. Therefore, if you build more muscle, you will burn more calories and fat.

By doing long sessions of cardio, you actually burn calories and protein that your muscle tissues need to grow. Your body has an order of priority in which it burns energy. Typically, your body will first burn off its immediate energy sources such as alcohol, next is usually protein, then carbohydrates, and lastly it will burn that precious fat that you have stored away around your waist. It’s your body’s survival mechanism. So don’t try to fight it, you have to learn the rules and work with your body’s system. Therefore, if you want to have a muscular lean body, do not lift and do long sessions of cardio because you will be robbing your muscles of the very nutrients they need to grow. Remember that muscle tissue is our friend. We want it to receive the protein and amino acids it needs to grow. With the added muscle, we will be more muscular, toned, and have the ability to burn even more calories and fat.

Please understand that cardio is not bad for you. It is just not the best way to reduce body fat. Cardio is good to improve your circulation and strengthen your heart. But if your main concern at this moment is to reduce body fat, limit your cardio to less than 20 minute sessions until you are at a body fat percentage that you are happy with.

Another mistake that people often make when trying to lose fat is to go on a crash diet. They greatly reduce their calories thinking that it will cause them to lose fat. And while it is true that you will probably lose weight, it is not likely that you will lose fat. You will most likely lose your muscle tissue and store more fat. So as an end result of your crash diet, you end up with less muscle and more fat. This is probably the exact opposite of what you wanted.

Convert Fat To Muscle vs. Convert Muscle To Fat (My Story)
I’ll give you a brief personal story. In college, I was fairly muscular and played college football. I weighed around 215lbs. and my body fat was around 5% (might have been 3% if it weren’t for all those beers!). Anyways, I took a semester off from sports and studied abroad in Italy. During these months abroad, I didn’t workout and instead of eating my usual 3-4 meals a day, I was forced to go on a low-budget 1 meal a day which consisted of a bowl of pasta with soy sauce (soy sauce was cheaper than tomato sauce and I was really hurting for money).

After I returned from Italy, friends and family barely recognized me. I had totally transformed my body. I went from 215 pounds of mostly muscle and 5% body fat to 165 pounds with 13% body fat. When my school trainer tested my body fat, I thought the calipers were wrong. How could I lose so much weight but be fatter? This was because I lost my muscle tissue which slowed down my metabolism so I could no longer burn as many calories. Also, my body was in starvation mode, so it stored away as much fat as it could.

I had lost so much weight, but I was soft and flabby and a bit ashamed of my body. I lost no time, and began working out to build my muscle. I began eating huge amounts of calories because my growing muscles required more and more energy. I didn’t even think about dieting, doing cardio, or calorie counting, etc. But somehow, my body fat was drastically decreasing. It was a total eye-opener for me. Unknowingly, I was using weight training to not only build muscle, but to lose body fat simultaneously.

Losing Weight vs. Losing Fat

Keep in mind that you should not be overly concerned about your weight. Keep in mind that muscle takes up much less space than fat. Muscle is very dense and smooth whereas fat is more bulky and lumpy. That is why a woman who weighs 150 pounds with a body fat of 15% will look about twice as small as a woman who is 150 pounds with a body fat of 30%. The muscular woman takes up much less space. Check out the fat vs. muscle comparison below to get a good visual.

So don’t worry if you begin an exercise routine and your weight goes up or down. What you should be concerned about is your body fat percentage. If you don’t have an easy way to measure your body fat, then simply take before and after body measurements with a measuring tape. Measure around your chest, arm, waist, hips, and thigh. Another easy way to see your body fat loss results is to take photos of how your same clothes fit before and after or if a belt is looser than before.

Convert Fat To Muscle Tips

So if you can learn something from this article and my personal story, let it be this:
If you want to convert fat to muscle,
* Do NOT go on a crash diet
* Do NOT do long cardio sessions (more than 20 min)
* Do NOT think of losing fat and gaining muscle as totally separate goals (they can be applied together for better results)
* Do NOT be concerned with losing weight. Losing body fat should be your main concern.

* DO feed your muscles the good calories they need to grow
* DO rest at least 72 hours between weight training the same muscle group so that your muscles can recover.

This article is just a summary of tips to convert fat to muscle. However, I can totally understand if some of this information is confusing. Therefore, if you would like a simple plan of action to reduce body fat and gain muscle, I can fully recommend what I believe is the best exercise program to achieve a lean muscular body. Keep in mind that this product is not free, but I will say that the information contained is better than most information you will get from a majority of personal trainers. Plus, it is about the same price as one personal training session. To be totally upfront with you, I will receive a commission if you buy the product through my link, but know that I am only recommending this product because I really believe in it.

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3 Responses to “How To Convert Fat To Muscle”

  1. James topping says:

    I found this greatly helpful as I am quite muscular but got a large stomach and was doing plenty of cardio, so thanks

    • Grant says:

      Hi James,
      I’m glad that you found the article helpful.
      In my personal experience and clients that I’ve trained, I’ve seen great results in body fat reduction by using weight training. Cardio is still important for your heart, so don’t totally eliminate it from your weekly workouts.
      Thanks for writing!

  2. Jim says:

    I am very near my goal and all I need to do is lose a little fat to be at my ideal % and feel nicer in the middle. The start of my weight loss and working out I lost stuff fast, even mostly fat, but after a plateau, it slowed. Now I’m about 1 lb of fat or maybe 2 from my goal and it’s like slow motion across the finish line. Thanks for the advice on doing both, I’ll try that.