How to Lose Baby Fat Stomach

This article is for those of us who have a soft belly with weak abs and want to lose baby fat stomach.

On the other hand, if you already have been doing abdominal workouts for a long time and have strong abs but just can’t see your ab definition, then the following article would be better for you… Quick Ways To Get A Six Pack.

The above mentioned article tells you how to reveal your already existing abdominal muscles to show the highly-sought after ‘six-pack’.

OK, back to our main topic on hand: how to lose baby fat stomach.

Lose Baby Fat Stomach

Since you’re reading this article, I have to give you credit. You are taking the first step towards a healthy body and building better abs.

The next thing you will need to do in order to lose baby fat stomach is to begin doing exercises to strengthen your abs. There are 3 main sections to your abdominal muscles: upper, mid, and lower. The following exercises will target all of these sections. For all of the exercises, you should do each repetition slowly and at a constant speed without using momentum. Focus on squeezing your ab muscles. Breathe in on the way down when you stretch your muscles and exhale on the way up when you contract your muscles.

Lose Baby Fat Stomach Exercise #1
Compound Crunches – Lie on your back, raise your knees, and put your hands behind your neck. While focusing on squeezing your ab muscles, curl your body up and alternate touching your left elbow to your right knee, then your right elbow to your left knee. Your upper body should be doing most of the moving while your knees slightly move to meet the opposing elbow. Remember to do each repetition slowly while squeezing your ab muscles. This exercise works all three ab sections. (Your goal: 50 reps)

Lose Baby Fat Stomach Exercise #2
Incline Board Crunches – This is a good exercise if you have access to an inclined exercise board. Lie on the board with your head towards the top of the board and your feet towards the bottom. Put your hands behind your neck and curl forward so that your elbows touch your knees. This exercise works the lower and mid ab sections. (Your goal: 50 reps)

Lose Baby Fat Stomach Exercise #3
Decline Board Crunches – While using the same inclined exercise board, turn the opposite way so that you are upside down. Your feet should be pointing towards the top of the board.  Put your hands behind your neck and curl forward so that your elbows touch your knees. It’s basically the same movement as the Incline Board Crunches, just done the opposite way and it focuses on the upper and mid ab sections. (Your goal: 50 reps)

Lose Baby Fat Stomach Exercise #4
Leg Raises – Lie with your back on the floor or a mat. Put your arms at your sides and raise your feet about 2 feet off the floor. Keep your legs as straight as possible and hold this position for a 5 count.  This exercise focuses on the lower ab section and legs. (Your goal: 20 reps)

Lose Baby Fat Stomach Exercise #5
Compound Leg Raises – This exercise is the same as the normal Leg Raises, however after you raise your legs to a position of 2 feet in the air, separate your legs so that they are 3 feet apart. Hold this position for a 5 count. Make sure that you keep your legs straight. After the 5 second hold, bring your legs back together and lower them to the floor. This exercise targets the lower abs, obliques, and leg muscles. (Your goal: 20 reps)

Lose Baby Fat Stomach Exercise #6
Roman Chair Sit-ups – While using the Roman Chair machine at your gym, put your legs in the leg supports. Slowly and steadily, perform sit-ups. This exercise hits your upper and mid ab sections. (Your goal: 10 reps)

Lose Baby Fat Stomach – Ab/Back Exercise #7
Roman Chair Back Raises – It is very important to strengthen your back muscles along with your ab muscles in order to keep your body balanced. While using the Roman Chair machine at your gym, put your legs in the leg supports, but this time you should be facing the opposite way towards the floor. Slowly and steadily, lower and raise your upper body while contracting your lower back muscles. This exercise hits your lower back along with stretching your upper and mid ab sections. (Your goal: 15 reps)

How Many Ab Exercises Should I Do

From the above exercises, you should choose 3 abdominal exercises plus the one ab/back exercise. Try to alternate between ab exercises in order to add variety to your workout and to get the best results.

How Often Should I Do Ab Exercises

Every 3 days is sufficient to perform this type of ab workout. Some people do abs every two days or even every day, but this is not necessary. Doing abs every three days will give your ab muscles the proper time to heal and will actually help you to tone your mid-section faster.

How Many Sets Should I Do Of Each Ab Exercise

This routine is designed for you to do 1 set of each exercise every three days. You should try to work your way up to reach your target goal in each of the exercises. Once you reach your goals, your ab muscles will surely be strong enough to move onto the 2nd phase, which you can read about in my article titled: Quick Ways To Get A Six Pack. Now that you have strong ab muscles, this article will tell you how to lose any remaining baby fat on your stomach in order to reveal your hidden six-pack.

What Kind Of Results Should I Expect

As always, that will vary depending on how well you stick to the routine and your body type. But, if you do follow the routine exactly, you will notice that your abs are getting stronger and you are getting closer and closer to your target number of reps each week.

Don’t pay too much attention to changes in your body weight. You may actually become heavier since you are building muscle and muscle weighs more than fat.

You may however, notice that your waist line is shrinking. This is because while muscle weighs more than fat, muscle also takes up less space than fat.

To get the best results from this abdominal routine and lose baby fat stomach faster, you should also begin to follow a few simple diet rules to replace foods with minimal nutritional value with healthier options.

Replacement Food Options

Replace the foods in the left with the foods on the right.

ketchup – mustard
salad dressing – oil and vinegar
cereal with sugar – cereal with no or less sugar
corn and rice cereal – whole wheat cereal or oatmeal
fruit juice – fruit juice (not from concentrate) or Crystal Light
soda – club soda
sugary drinks – unsweetened tea
sweet milk chocolate – dark chocolate with lower sugar
ice cream – sorbet, yogurt, or sugar free ice cream
white bread – whole wheat, whole grain, rye breads
white rice – brown rice
white pasta, enriched grain pasta – whole grain pasta
donuts – whole grain bagels
canned fruits and vegetables – fresh fruits and vegetables
processed meats and cheeses – fresh meats and cheeses

If you can make a small commitment to follow the above exercise routine and replace a few foods in your diet, you will see great results in your goal to lose that baby fat stomach.

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